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Activating Mirror Mode

For the Sidekick to monitor device registration status and passively monitor SIP Signal Data, the Sidekick must first have “Mirror Mode” activated. The process of activating “Mirror Mode” on the Sidekick will tell the Sidekick’s mirror port to start monitoring traffic. You need to ensure that the Sidekick’s mirror port is connected to the port on your switch that is mirroring all traffic for your VoIP VLAN. For mirror port switch configuration guidelines, please see the Mirror Port Configuration Guide.

Once you have confirmed that the mirror port is plugged into the correct port on your switch, click on the Locations tab in the Reply Portal and look to the “Unregistered” column. There you will see the text “Not Available” with a “Learn How” link.

Click on the “Learn How” link to begin the Mirror Mode activation.

Once on the activation screen, simply click the “Activate Mirrored Configuration” button. The Sidekick will verify whether or not it is seeing traffic on the mirrored port connected to your switch.