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Adding Devices

Adding a Single Device

After a location has been activated and a Sidekick has been installed at a location, the next step is to add devices to that location for the Sidekick to Monitor. You can begin adding devices by clicking on the “Add Device” icon in Devices tab of the monitoring panel.

You can also begin adding devices by clicking on the “Add”  icon at the top right of your screen. Click on “Add Device” at the bottom of the list. 

When adding a single device, you will first be required to select the Location that you are adding the device to. Input the first and last name for the user. Select the device type. Device Make. Input the phone number if the user has a DID. Input the extension, and finally the MAC address. After selecting add, you will be taken back to the location dashboard and see that device listed in the devices tab of the Monitoring panel.

The device or devices will show no data at first while the Sidekick begins to see them on the network. You may want to give the system a few minutes and refresh your screen. You will begin to see the visibility status of the device after refreshing the screen. If the Sidekick is connected to a mirror port and you have already activated mirror mode on the Sidekick, then you will begin to see the registration status as well.