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Group Device Monitoring

Reply Cloud has added the ability to identify specific groups of devices (users) to monitor and receive alerts for. Rather than monitor ALL phones, this feature allows for group creation across any set of Locations.

There may be executive, reception, emergency phones that you wish to focus on and not be bothered with managing availability, or device registration alerts for an entire device rosters for a single or multiple locations.

How to Configure

Start from the Monitoring section Alerts settings tab. When selecting either the Device Registration or Device Visibility option, two new action buttons will appear where you can identify Locations and Devices for monitoring. All other alert types that are selected will be provided for the group when either the Device Registration or Management option is selected. View and select either individual or ALL devices in the left column and move them to the right column for activation and SAVE.

A management view provides a group review with the ability to delete devices / users from the group after the group members have been assigned.

Contact us with any questions on how to use this feature to customize your alerts.

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