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Partner Access & User Roles

Our nomenclature in the platform refers to master account holders as Partners or Carriers interchangeably and essentially is the Master Account owner role. The pyramid role design cascades visibility from Carrier to Location with the option to have resellers below the Carrier account which are referred to as VARs. This is an optional feature to service certain distribution designs.

Platform Hierarchy is as follows:

Carrier:  Provider who is the engagement owner.  Visibility to all resellers (VARs), Customers and Locations.

VAR (option):  Visibility to Customers aligned to the VAR

Customer:  Optional visibility of portal data as dictated by the VAR or Carrier

Location: Usually a single location where the Desktop App or Reply Sidekick is assigned.

Device: An IP endpoint (phone or ATA) which is identified by a MAC address which is loaded into the portal manually, in bulk via CSV file, or via the Order Management API.


Locations & Licensing:  A Location is created in the portal or via the API when an App Download occurs or when a Reply Sidekick is ordered.  The Sidekick order initiates the license that powers that Location account.

In cases where the Reply Sidekick is nomadic (moved from various customer locations as needed), the Location should not be deleted, and the Location Name should be edited to identify the current site being tested.  A data purge option allows the Admin to clear previous data on that Location account prior to moving the device.


Admin & User Accounts:  Access to the portal is managed by the Master Admin, creation of accounts is unlimited and does not impact platform costs.  Reply Cloud offers two basic designations:  Admin and User.  An Admin has full platform rights and can be considered a “Master” Administrator, and the User role can be assigned in an Editor category, which provides all the rights of a Master Admin but does not allow for the creation of other personnel accounts but does allow for the creation of tests and viewing of data but no rights that would remove or add services that may impact operations or billing. 

Access Options: Reply Cloud offers Carriers the ability to enable resellers (VARs) in the platform with localized visibility as well as defining access to tools under an Admin or User definition. In order to create accounts at the VAR or Customer level, you must select (click) on the VAR or Customer level, then select Add User. Below is the access matrix for all roles and action types.

Carriers can allow Customers to have visibility rights which is presented in the Add Location flow from the portal and API.  This creates a User Account for the customer at the Company level and any Add / Delete functions by default require the Carrier credentials so are not possible for Customer users. A Read-only or Editor role type is available for Customer accounts.


Branding & Alerts:  The platform account can be co-branded for the Carrier as well as the subordinate VARs.  Branding is present in the App Download page and URL, in the App user interface, exported PDF test result files, and in the Admin Portal. Users of any role can set alerts that tie to their account and email address for notifications.


Please contact us if you experience any account access issues or need assistance setting up your structure.

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