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Release 01.06.23

New Features:


  • Delete Location test data function added. This is handy when using a single Reply Sidekick and Location in a ‘nomadic’ state when field techs take the unit to multiple locations for pre-deployment testing. When ready to move, rather than delete the Location, simply save the PDF test data, delete and change the location name.
  • Added Direct Send method for Desktop Application downloads. Option allows operators to create the Company and Location name they wish to place the test under, then send an invitation to the customer along with the Activation Key to initiate the download process. Contact us to activate this option.
  • Updated Public Provisioning API to support Desktop Application downloads, bulk location uploads and error reporting.

Network & Distribution Enhancements:

  • Expansion of Database and ReplyPoint support for South Africa.
  • Expansion of Database and ReplyPoint support for the UK and Ireland.
  • Acquired new Latin America distributor with focus on Columbia / Peru / Mexico.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various Windows notification and security bugs for Desktop Application
  • Notification updates in the MAC OS Desktop Application activation sequence