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Release 03.22.24

New Features:

  • Added In-Transit stats to Company Dashboard to provide distinction between Unreachable units and those that have been shipped, but not yet activated.
  • Added SKU for 12-month Desktop App license for nomadic / technician / sales usage @ $75 / year.
  • Expanded retail offer of Reply Sidekicks for Canada shipping.
  • Enabled ability to purge data from a location to support nomadic use of a single desktop app license for multiple customers / locations.
  • Added App Download invitation functionality to API for remote ordering
  • Added special character acceptance for Carrier, Customer, Location names with allowance for international customers.
  • Added mirror-port status detail to confirm physical connection and data flow.
  • Added remote mirror port enablement via API
  • Added portal user role with access for only sending App Download invitations
  • Updated the data display for RTP hop analysis under the VoIP Quality tab to match the RTP baseline graph.