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Ad Hoc Tests

To access the suite of tests, first navigate to the testing tab in the Reply Portal. You will see the “Ad Hoc Testing” panel at the top with several tabs. Each tab has a series of tests that can be run. Each test has a description of what will be tested, and what kind of results will be returned. In order to run a test, you must first select the location for which you would like to run the test.

You can select one or more tests to be run at a time. Simply select the tests you would like to run, and click the “Test Now” button at the bottom of the panel. You can view all historic ad hoc test results on the “Ad Hoc Test Results” tab.

Schedule Tests

To schedule a test, scroll down to the “Schedule Ongoing Testing” panel at the bottom of the testing tab. 

1. Select a test from the first dropdown

2. Select the frequency

3. Set the time of day

4. Specify the location

Some tests may have additional fields appear if more input is needed.  You can view results of scheduled tests under the Scheduled Tests Results tab. 

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