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Stress (High Volume) Call Test

Contact centers with higher density of agents in one campus or VLAN may require more accurate concurrent call tests to emulate call traffic from the site. This can be used in conjunction with the Reply Network Assessment test for a deeper site evaluation either pre or post-deployment.

This is a custom test which Reply Cloud can simulate for carriers who have a ReplyPoint test server in their network and it requires the use of a Reply Sidekick 2 device on-site.

Test Methodology

The Reply Sidekick 2 measures bandwidth to/from the site, then attempts to stack VoIP calls concurrently to the ReplyPoint test server in the carrier network up to a maximum of 700 calls. Jitter, latency, packet loss and overall MOS are captured and displayed in the performance chart.

The standard concurrent call test within the Network Assessment Test has a cap of 15 (Reply Sidekick or Desktop App) and Ad-Hoc tests have a maximum ceiling of 50 calls.

Please contact us if you are interested in exploring this option for contact center site evaluations.

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