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Install Failed or Unreachable

Installation Failed or Unreachable


If the installation result showed “Failed” or the Sidekick is UNREACHABLE in the portal, likely causes include:

  • Not receiving an IP Address from the DHCP server
  • The assigned IP Address cannot route to the Internet
  • The DNS servers cannot resolve the host address of correctly.
  • The Reply Server is not reachable.


Make sure that the Sidekick has the following:

  • One blinking GREEN light
  • One solid GREEN light
  • One blinking RED light

Download and install the Reply Cloud mobile application from the Apple app store or Google Play store.

  • Select “Click to troubleshoot” on the bottom of the app screen
  • Follow the instructions to connect to the Sidekick wireless on the App
  • The App will display what connection information the Sidekick is receiving from the network.