How it works


Many issues with “Over The Top” cloud VoIP systems are caused by blocked ports or incorrect settings in your firewall. The Reply Sidekick will notify you if your service provider’s required settings are not configured properly on your network.


Be alerted when a phone isn’t working before your users try to make a call and fail. When connected to a mirrored port, the Sidekick will send you alerts if a device loses its registration on your network.


The Sidekick enables you to remotely make a series of tests for troubleshooting. You can run tests to check available bandwidth, generate VoIP calls and analyze quality, generate inbound or outbound call tests, DNS, Latency, and much more. You can also schedule tests to occur regularly, and receive alerts when there may be a network issue.


The Reply Sidekick will provide call quality data like Jitter, Latency, Packet Loss, and a representative MOS Score (VoIP Quality) for a location. It will also alert you when a location falls below your minimum VoIP quality standards.


Your Sidekick will alert you when there may be a service outage due to loss of power or internet at a location.


With a Sidekick, there is no need to roll a truck to a location to determine critical data impacting your VoIP system. The Reply Sidekick can provide a packet capture and a local call trace to your VoIP service provider’s customer care group for efficient trouble shooting.

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