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Partner Order Process Guide

Reply Sidekick Partner Order Guide

This Guide is meant to act as a walkthrough for Reply Cloud partners to place Sidekick orders for their Hosted VoIP customers.

Step 1: Create Customer Account

  • Open your web browser and navigate to
  • Click “Order Now”
  • Fill out Customer Company Profile details
  • Toggle Dealer Code and input your unique Dealer Code to receive credit for the Sale.
  • Complete the Company details
  • Enter Customer information if you wish to provide them portal access (optional)

Step 2: Create Customer Location

  • Enter Location information
  • Enter Shipping Address and “Attention” name
  • Confirm and Enter to create

Add Location to Existing Company

  • Log into your portal @
  • Locate the Company name from your Master Dashboard
  • Upper-right menu, “Add” drop down and select “Add Location”
  • Follow Step 2 items from above to complete