Will your new VoIP service work?

Don’t leave it to chance, assess your network with Reply Cloud’s customized VoIP Network Assessment.

Make sure your network is ready before you install new VoIP Services. Hosted VoIP installs can go terribly wrong if the proper network / firewall settings and rules are not correctly implemented. Reply Cloud runs a customized initial VoIP Network Assessment to identify any issues or network settings that need to be changed before new VoIP services are installed.

Reply Cloud builds customized test profiles for VoIP Service Providers. Simply select your VoIP provider’s profile when activating your Sidekick, and once installed, it will run a VoIP Network Assessment that tests the specific ports and settings that are required for your new service. If you don’t see your provider listed, contact us and we will create a customized profile in minutes.

VoIP Network Assessment

voip network testing Validates all required TCP & UDP ports are open on the Firewall
Network readiness test Runs a Latency & Bandwidth test, SIP ALG, UDP Timeout, and Double NAT Discovery
network assessment test Makes real VoIP calls to validate performance
voip network assessment
There are many network factors that contribute to VoIP performance. Reply Cloud’s VoIP Network Assessment helps to answer the following questions:

1) Do I have enough bandwidth for my phone system to perform effectively?

Reply will test the available bandwidth at the location and provide a readout in the assessment report.

2) Are my firewall settings optimized for my new VoIP service?

The test will validate that every required TCP and UDP port is open, and will clearly show any closed ports that need to be addressed.

3) Are there any network settings that will negatively impact my service?

SIP ALG, Double NAT, and UDP Timeout settings can cause issues with VoIP service. The assessment will detect and report on each of these so that there are no surprises upon installation.

4) What will my VoIP quality be like?

During the assessment, Reply Cloud will generate a VoIP call to the Reply Servers, or directly to your VoIP provider’s servers (for select partners) and report on the call quality with a Mean Opinion Score (MOS). These are industry standards of measuring VoIP quality and performance. The service provides all call quality details of Jitter, Latency, and Packet Loss.

5) Can my network support multiple VoIP calls at once?

The Sidekick will generate a stream of 15 real concurrent VoIP calls on your network and return the average Mean Opinion Score (MOS). With this data, you can be confident of call quality performance for calls over your network before you install the service.

The VoIP Network Assessment report can be exported to a PDF and shared with your IT team / vendor, or VoIP service
provider’s customer care team as part of your implementation process.

The Reply Cloud Difference

Reply Cloud’s philosophy is centered around providing the most accurate and relevant data possible to make VoIP implementations better for customers and Service Providers. The Reply Sidekick is at the center of the Reply Cloud Platform and is installed like an IP Phone, and behaves like one on your network. We also offer a desktop application for snapshot Network Assessment.  Browser-based tests that run from a laptop simply can’t replicate.

Assessment with Reply Cloud (Sidekick or App)

Can test any required TCP or UDP port on the Firewall to make sure that all potential issues are uncovered

Can be installed on the VoIP VLAN to ensure test result accuracy

Generates REAL VoIP calls and reports on quality performance with MOS, Jitter, Latency, and Packet Loss

Tests for advanced VoIP network settings like SIP ALG, Double NAT, VoIP Prioritization and UDP timeout

Can test for MS Teams Voice for last-mile performance and WAN analysis into the Azure cloud

Other’s Browser / Software-based tests

May have limitations on Firewall testing

Estimates concurrent call performance based on available bandwidth calculation, not actual calls

No WAN path visibility or reporting

No report output (export) and limited portal data for provider

No MS Teams testing for Direct Routing or Operator Connect